We are a group of medical practitioners and software builders who aim to improve the practice of medicine with technology.

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A community of healthcare entrepreneurs, leaders, builders and dreamers

Docs and Hackers crossed 2000 members in January 2019. Here's a snapshot of our members.

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Found My Co-Founder
I pitched my startup idea at the beginning of the meetup and my future co-founder ended up coming to me afterwards

Alka Tandon

Intellectually Curious and Cohesive Group
It is a wonderful place to meet warm-hearted and intellectually motivated individuals committed to the advancement of quality healthcare.

Ayla Rapoport

Featured Startups

While many entrepreneurs are members of Docs and Hackers, here's a curated list of high-potential startup members:


We are working to give PCPs the information that they need to improve their patients’ lives and thrive in a value-based care world.

Learn more: Email CEO & Co-founder Harry Cooke at harry@theahealth.com


Virgo - an automated cloud video recording platform for GI endoscopy

Looking For: Intros to GI's or healthcare admins, and we'll be fundraising again in early 2019.

Colonoscopy is a video-based procedure—but today, only still images get saved to the medical record. By capturing these videos, Virgo enables new research, training, and machine learning applications.

Learn more: Email CEO & Co-founder Matt Schwartz at matt@virgosvs.com

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We exist because we care

Technology was supposed to improve healthcare. Unfortunately, it has increased physician work load, decreased doctor-patient time at a significant cost to the taxpayer.

Over the next decade, it is obvious that technology will have a significant impact on the practice of medicine. From providing diagnostic support, improving early detection, to creating new modalities of care.

We aim to accelerate our trajectory towards this future by regularly bringing doctors and hackers together. We meet about once a month, where participants share new ideas, get feedback from the group and potentially form teams. Whether it is for a side project, a new startup or a research paper.

Increasing connections between physicians and builders will help both groups understand each other better. And create solutions that helps doctors work better and stay happier, improve patient experience and decrease overall cost. Please sign up if you are interested.

How to find innovative physicians

Want to connect with physicians to get feedback on, collaborate with, or recruit? Here's a few places that can help.

  1. AMA Innovation Match: The American Medical Association (AMA) runs a network that connects innovative physicians with health tech companies. Put your company on the network, post an opportunity and let physicians reach out to you.
  2. DOC Jobs: DOC is the premier recruiting site for doctors and scientists pursuing innovative careers. The DOC community has 42,872 members in all 50 US states and 126 countries. Over 1,000 employers have used DOC to recruit top talent.